Drafting and Documentation

Our firm also provides legal registration services to its clients for drafting all types of legal documents and documentation services. We draft all types of documents of our clients related to property or any legal notice and suit and applications. As our client tells us. Like Sale Deed Sub lease deed Transfer cum sell deed conveyance Deed Gift deed Will Deed Relinquishment deed release deed mortgage Deed General Power of Attorney Authentication Deed Adoption Deed Trust Deed partnership Deed Agreement to sell partition deed settlement deed Receipt etc.

Everyone who is negotiable is eligible to transfer the property in whole or in part. Must be the legal owner of the transferable property Or if he is not the legal owner of the transferable property, he must be authorized to transfer that property. He may have full authority over the property or it may be conditional. Sale of Immovable Property – Sale is a transfer of ownership of a property for a price. Such transfers can be done only through registered instruments .Registration of all such documents related to the property from which one person transfers his right to another person is mandatory.

According to the Property Transfer Act and Stamp Act and the Registration Act, registration of all such documents is necessary. Documents will be invalid without registration.

The Property Transfer Act, 1882 clearly lays down the transfer procedures and the conditions associated with them. According to the Act, transfer means an act by which a person gives property to one or more persons or to himself and one or more persons. Transfer can happen anytime in present or future. In addition, an ‘individual’ can be an individual, company, organization or an association of individuals. Any kind of property can be transferred under the Act.