Marriage Registration

Marriages can be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or the Special Marriage Act, 1954. The Hindu Marriage Act applies in cases where both husband and wife have converted to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jain or Sikh or any of these religions where they are. After Marriage registration act in amendment According to the order of the Central Government, it will now be mandatory for every citizen living in India to register their marriage.

Now a citizen of India will be required to show his marriage registration certificate if the official
of any government or non-government office asks for your marriage registration certificate. To get your marriage registration certificate, you have to go to the relevant office of your permanent address or marriage place and complete all the formalities. For which our law firm provides services. Marriage registration online and offline without any hassle and time consuming. You just give us the papers. We will complete all the processes for you. According to your convenience, we will take a date from the registration department and tell you. You appear in the registration department on the date and all your process will be completed and you will get marriage certificate. You only have to come to the registration office one day.

Groom and bride are required for marriage certificate, as well as both have been married to each other in the past. So those people can apply online or offline either in their permanent address or the place of marriage, either in the concern registrar office of any place. For which Groom and Bride will have to take a date online and take their original documents along with 2 witnesses to present in the Concern Registrar Office. When you are present in the Concern Registrar Office on a date, you will get your marriage certificate.