Legal Consultant & Legal Documents Drafting

Nothing happens verbally in court. Whatever happens. Accordance of law takes place in writing and on the basis of evidence. Therefore, an advocate is required to present any case in the court so that your lawyer can duly present your case to the court. Our law firms offer all types of legal consultancy services. Any type of problem you have, Family Disputes Bank Matters Property Matters General Legal Matters Services Matters related to Divorce Cases Builders Disputes Consumer Court Matters Motors Accident Matters etc. All types of legal consultancy and drafting services are provided by our firm. Our Advocates and Solicitors are always available to you for the services of any kind of legal consultancy or legal notice or written reply in any case related to the District Court or Rera Court Registration Office or any type of case proceedings in the court. You can take legal consultancy for any of your problems by telephone or by taking time in the office. You will find the solution to each of your problems on a single table.

Be it builders and allottees disputes or any type of disputes of bank or disputes related to rera, child custody matter, dowry related services, government or non-government services, disputes, drafting of all types of cases, appeals, notice revision reference etc. etc. The services firm provides. And we are drafting other legal documents as per our client . Like Legal Notice affidavit declaration undertaking promissory note draft any application of suit or plaint written statement appeal reference review application revision application execution complaint cases and application of FIR (First information Report) maintenance of older parents application and other legal documents drafting and execution.